pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Pacific Review accepts poems, fiction (short stories, flash fiction and excerpts that stand alone), memoir, creative non-fiction, essays, comics, visual art, photography, documented performance and hybrid.

We are currently considering work for our next theme issue: Errant Mythologies.

We hope you interpret Errant Mythologies in all the senses of each word, their combinations and beyond. We hope our theme provokes work you wish you could run into for the first time.

Offer us the tensions that bind your truths to what you deny, to the lies you love, to what you find undeniable: work that asks, in large or small ways, the big questions: work that is curious about the mystery itself: the errant mythologies that move you, trouble you, call you to experience and imagine them.

We are open to narrative, lyric, litany, lament, experimentation and combinations thereof, to traditional genres and emerging / re-establishing ones such as Afro futurism, Chicanismo, indigipunk, displaced zombie romance quest, migrant deity mystery, YA of all gender identifications and sexual orientations, as well as, of course, mythic / anti-mythic revolution and renaissance.

We love work that comments on the now and how we got here. We love work that imagines alternate pasts, presents and futures.

We want to experience the pleasure of being immersed in or awakened by precision, by languor, by challenge. And, we want the struggle of choosing between pieces that make us jealous of you for being their authors.

Offer us the pieces you loved making – because they brought you joy, because they brought you ache – the ones that surprised you in your shaping of them, the badass ones that don't give a fuck what you think you're supposed to think, the ones that demand you put your ethics and your favorite aesthetics on sleeve. Go on a journey to find your mythologies or send your mythologies on a wild goose chase. Then, please and thank you, send them to us!

Pacific Review considers previously unpublished work. If your work is simultaneously under consideration elsewhere, we ask that you notify us immediately upon selection. Please check the categories for specific guidelines.

Tip Jar vs. Free Offerings: Submittable does charge and we would love support covering our printing costs, so we appreciate payment if you are able, however, we do not want you to be prevented from offering us your work because of cost: payment will not affect the consideration of your work. 

pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual